Early Years and Academic Career

Early Years

Born in Guatemala in 1951, Franklin enjoyed his formative years immersed in a diverse multicultural environment. His father Raymond, a New York City lawyer, had moved to Guatemala after marrying Franklin's mother Florence. Florence, born in Guatemala and having attended school in Europe and New York, is multilingual, speaking English, German, French, and Spanish. Because of this influence Franklin is multilingual as well. He made many lifelong friends in Guatemala, and learned much of Latin-American culture.


Academic Career

In 1965, Franklin enrolled at Hackley School, a college preparatory school in Tarrytown, NY. Franklin explored  various studies, as well as making more lasting friends. He enjoyed leadership positions in multiple academic clubs. In 1969 Franklin was accepted at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA and earned a double degree in math and psychology. He also honed his knowledge of the French language during this time, which would prove very useful later on in the truffle business. He then moved to central NC, where in 1973 he started a large greenhouse and nursery operation. Always having an inquisitive mind, he furthered his knowledge and obtained degrees in Manufacturing Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Biomedical Equipment Technology at Alamance Community College. Subsequently he taught there over a period of 10 years and became the Digital Electronics Department Head.